Magneta Logistics

Magneta have been delivering pharmaceuticals since 2009. Due to our high attention to details and level of professionalism, clients from this segment tend to have extra trust in us. In some cases we are invited to share our insights from logistical point of view when companies prepare their strategical plans. It is a great honor for us to be included. We always deliver goods with the highest available level of attention to details. Over the years we have been delivering brands like: Novartis (Switzerland), Teva (Israel), Baxter (USA), Actavis (USA).

Temperature – sensitive delivery:

Refrigerated (0 C to +5 C)

Dry (+10 C to +20 C)

Monitoring of temperatures and thermo graph reports

Highly experienced, safe delivery minded drivers, optimizing the route to avoid traffic jams, route constructions, incidents, etc.

Delivery of high value and time sensitive goods (two drivers option for faster delivery)

Cargo insurance and third party liability insurance 500 000Eur/cargo

Delivery by air

Smart lock with live Internet tracking

24/7 support. Keeping you updated at all times.

GDP, IFS Logistics, ISO:22000:2018, ISO:9001:2015, ISO:14001:2015 applied

Modern and advanced business process to ensure smooth delivery

Storing all the transportation related documentation (CMR, TIR Carnet, EX1, etc) for 10 years

Convoy service available for high value goods delivery


Customs service (processing of export declarations, TIR Carnet, warranty declaration)

Storage, repackaging, consolidation of goods

Cross check of goods in terms of quantity and quality (photo service)

Labeling, sticker (Pharma), bar-coding, etc.

Contacting the customs directly, loading and unloading warehouses on behalf of customer if that is necessary. That way we can ensure smooth delivery (weight, volume, plate number, proper delivery address, consistent custom documents, and quality check). Sending documents from loading warehouse for customer (CMR, invoice, packing list, certificates, etc.) on demand.




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