CSS 2021 Key Topics:


  1. Assess why do pharma cool chain collaborations typically fail and how can you best prepare to ensure success?
  2. Evaluate the best practices in planning, implementing and managing End to End Pharmaceutical logistic Digitalization
  3. Practical Scenario Good Distribution Practice workshop: planning and development of GDP readiness
  4. A novel technique in managing Deviations in Air Pharma logistics, and identification of challenges, classification of excursion and best practices in managing such nonconformities.
  5. Validation of 4PL suppliers based on identification, selection and managing of such partners in relation to common challenges and associated obstacles
  6. A case in best practices in managing costs and finance in Pharma supply chain and logistics.
  7. A patient centric approach in pharma supply chain, logistics and warehousing and the case for End to End data management subject to GxP Cybersecurity
  8. Monitoring of any deviations during high value transports, including pharma transports, whether the goods are transported with your own assets or by your subcontracted fleet
  9. A best practice approach in management of cool chain logistics within BRIC countries
  10. An overview of international pharmaceutical distribution models, associated frameworks and the last mile
  11. CSS 2021 will engage a wide range of standards and requirements including GDP, IATA, FDA, FMD, WHO among others.
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